Whisky Throttle Adventures

Whisky Throttle Adventures

Let's hit the Trail!

Born out of the Front Range Dual Sport Riders – Colorado’s largest motorcycle Meetup group – Whisky Throttle Adventures provides unique opportunities for multi-day adventure rides and training for beginners to experts!

Whisky Throttle Adventures owner Adam “Animal” Koniecki grew up riding and racing mountain bikes through high school. He began riding dirt bikes in 2012 and took over running Front Range Dual Sport in 2016.

Our goal is to take your riding to the next level.  We take care of all the details so you can just sign up and ride. We’ve got Training rides to help your off road skills improve, day rides to destination spots, and complete adventure rides with great hotels, AirB&B and camping accommodation options. We know all the good restaurants, stays, views and hidden gems around Colorado and the Desert Southwest.  

Whisky Throttle [hwis-kee throt-l]
A sudden, unexpected, or involuntary application of power resulting in your friends laughing as you crash.


“It was going fine until I did a whisky throttle off the cliff!”

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Ethan D. Saw


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