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Baja Mexico On-Road adventure trip

March 9 @ 8:00 am - March 24 @ 5:00 pm MST


Join Whisky Throttle Adventures for an unforgettable On-Road motorcycling experience in the heart of Baja. Beginning at the boarder crossing at Tecate, we will head all the way down to Cabo San Lucas for a couple days of beaches and Margaritas before stopping for Whale watching on our return trip home.


Saturday 9th. Leave out of Denver and hotel along the way.

Sunday 10th. Tecate to Ensenada. Ride Miles 70; Meet at the Tecate border crossing in California. Located about 40 miles east of San Diego, this crossing has far less traffic and is usually very easy to cross, both ways, and offers parking to store vehicles at for $5-$10 per day. Security is not a problem as the area is under 24 hour surveillance from border patrol. Once everyone is there we will cross as a group and make the 2 hour ride south thru the Valle de Guadalupe wine region to Ensenada.

Monday 11th. Ensenada to San Quintin. Ride Miles 120; After the long drive down we will begin our Baja Adventure with an enjoyable and relaxing day as we make our way south to San Quintin, stopping to enjoy a few tasters at the local wineries along the way. Make sure to save enough energy to ride on the beach when we get there!

Tuesday 12th San Quintin to Bahia de los Angeles Ride Miles 225; Today takes us south to an early lunch/late breakfast at the famous Mama Espinosa’s in El Rosario (39 miles from San Quintin) before turning inland across the peninsula to the Sea of Cortez to the sleepy fishing town of Bahia De Los Angeles (Bay of L.A.). Along the way we will pass the Valle de los cirios, one of the most lush cactus groves in Baja.

Wednesday 13th. Bahia de los Angeles to Mulege. Ride Miles 300; Our first long day takes us back over the mountains to the Pacific side where we cross into Baja California Sur (south) and turn back east to the Sea of Cortez where we will ride along the coast thru Santa Rosalia and down to the beautiful town of Mulege.

Thursday 14th. Mulege to La Paz. Ride Miles 310; We will head south down the Sea of Cortez stopping at the Bahia Concepcion to look for whale sharks. From there we turn inland thru Ciudad Insurgentes and Ciudad Constitucion before the long desolate stretch to the harbor town of La Paz, the traditional end point for the Baja 1000.

Friday 15th. Ride Miles 100-180. After leaving La Paz riders will have the option for riding some dirt or staying on pavement to Cabo San Lucas. The dirt route is sandy but usually passable by passenger car. This route will give us a beer stop at Cabo Pulmo. The pavement option will take riders around the Sierra de Laguna mountain range.

Saturday 16th. Cabo San Lucas layover day. Ride miles 0 (unless you go exploring 😉 We will have the day off to take in Cabo San Lucas. There is a Laundry Service there that will clean and fold your clothes for not much money. I will be renting a jet ski and eating at the Crazy Lobster.

Sunday 17th. Cabo San Lucas to Loreto. Ride Miles 320; We begin our trip back north with a long riding day to knock out some of the miles we have already seen and get back to the good stuff. Ending our day in the historic town of Loreto on the Sea of Cortez, where we can check out the Mission and the wonderful Town Plaza.

Monday 18th. Loreto to San Ignacio. Ride Miles 175; Heading back up the Sea of Cortez takes us to my favorite place on the peninsula, San Ignacio. The Plaza here is the most relaxing place.

Tuesday 19th. San Ignacio layover day. Ride Miles 0-100; Relax in town and enjoy the local eatery’s or book a trip out to the Laguna San Ignacio for a whale watching tour. Every time I have done the whale watching I have been able to actually reach out and pet a Grey Whale! Tours are available with Transport out to the Laguna or ride the 50 miles out with about 25 miles of gravel road.

Wednesday 20th. San Ignacio to San Felipe. Ride Miles 335; After our relaxing day with the whales we now head north back to the Sea of Cortez to San Felipe, a town with rich ties to Baja racing. Hwy 3 north from Chapala is notoriously pot holed so slower speeds are necessary

Thursday 21st. San Felipe to Ensenada Ride Miles 160; Our last leg of this journey takes us back over the Sierra de Juarez mountains back to Ensenada for one last night on the town. Last chance to stuff the saddle bags with *shifty look* “souvenirs”

Friday 22nd Ensenada to Tecate. Ride Miles 70; Sadly we must now say Adios to Mexico. The crossing back into the States is usually fairly straight forward. Again please use the comments below to plan Carpool and caravans to and from the boarder.

this trip is pavement based with limited dirt so any bike capable of comfortably riding at 75mph and any riding level is welcome. Trip will involve multiple days of 200-300 miles. Some dirt will be encountered as the highways are still experiencing reconstruction from the hurricane. There will be a few options along the way for some dirt alternate routes, but basically this is a paved ride.

All hotel accommodations in Mexico, your Mexican Tourist Visa (FMM card) and a chase truck are included in ticket price. Travel to Mexico, Fuel, Insurance (required as your US insurance does not cover Mexico), Food and Souvenirs are NOT included in price.

Everyone is responsible for their own travel to the Mexican boarder. I find Camp Verde, AZ to be a good half way point from Denver and The Copper Inn a nice reasonably priced hotel. Please use the comments section if you want to organize car pools. I can take 4-5 bikes and 1 passenger if people want to take a fuel efficient car down.

I will be taking my Tacoma down as a chase truck. Each person can put one (1) duffle bag in the bed if you want to keep weight off your bike or bring a bike that doesn’t store a lot. This is a Pavement ride and we will be staying in hotels each night, *No camping*, so you don’t need to bring the kitchen sink!

Bikes should all be in good mechanical condition and must carry tools specific to your bike as well as a spare tube for Front and Rear even if you are tubeless. Mexican roads are full of potholes and tubeless doesn’t seal when the rims bent! (it’s happened) I will have a spare 21 and 18″ tire in the truck. If any one has a spare 19 and 17 they want to add that would be cool.

In order to make this trip cost viable there is a minimum of 7 tickets that must be sold with a maximum of 12 tickets available. Each ticket is a single rider, single room. Couples wishing to share a room can contact me for shared pricing.

As always call with any questions. 970-308-0374


*Lastly I am looking for someone who wants to drive the chase truck. All rooms will be provided in compensation for driving.*


March 9 @ 8:00 am MST
March 24 @ 5:00 pm MST


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